Student Affairs

In order to assist the new student in adjusting to the University life and in planning his academic program, orientation of freshman and transfer students is scheduled several days before the start of the Autumn term. Students who start in Spring term, will by appointment, have Student Orientation given by the Dean of Student Affairs through the use of video or personal interview.

Many activities are planned to acquaint the student with the basic purpose and spirit of Sanbaltar University. Group discussions and conferences are held during this period to help students become more familiar with the courses and curricula offered.

During orientation, the student handbook will be discussed thoroughly to ensure that each student knows what his rights and responsibilities are while attending Sanbaltar. Also, during this time there will be introductions of the administration, staff and instructors and a time for questions and answers. There will be a social activity that will include the students and the University personnel to foster the development of personal relationships.

First time students will be registered in a term long orientation class in addition to the initial meeting.