Biblical Studies

School of Biblical Studies


The purpose of the Biblical Studies is to produce Christ- centered leaders with the values, knowledge, and skills required to fulfill the Great Commission. The major in Biblical Studies is designed to provide a thorough, Biblically based, cognitive, and spiritual foundation for effective ministry. Specialized areas of concentration are offered in order to prepare students for Biblical ministries, Church ministries, and Music ministries.


  • Acquire Biblical Content.
  • Be able to effectively deliver Biblical knowledge.
  • Be able to identify leadership skills for ministry.


Degree: Associate (Curriculum)

  • General Education Credits: 24 required
  • Biblical Studies (Major) Credits: 42 required
  • Total Credits needed: 66 required

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Curriculum)

  • General Education Credits: 40 required
  • Biblical Studies (Major) Credits: 80 required
  • Total Credits needed: 120 required

Degree: Masters of Science (Curriculum)

  • Biblical Studies Credits: 36 required
  • Total Credits needed: 36 required

NOTE: One credit hour is equal to 13 person hours in class

  • Total Person Hours in Class: 40
  • Total Number of classroom sessions: 16
  • Duration of the each class: 2.5 hours