Financial Aid


Financial aid will be available to the eligible students at Sanbaltar when approved by the department of education.


Sanbaltar students may apply for student loans from a variety of commercial banks for their studies and living expenses. These are not similar to federal-sponsored financial aid loans; but are “credit-based” as opposed to government guaranteed. Student should have good “Credit Profile” in US, or have a credit-worthy cosigner to seek the loans as required by the banks.


Sanbaltar work-study programs are available to highly qualified degree-seeking students. The students may apply for Teaching Assistantship (TA) and Laboratory Assistantship (LA). These assistantships are offered predominantly for students with outstanding academic and professional achievement. Students chosen to perform these services must have aptitude to help other students in addition to meeting the academic requirements. Each semester the administrative staff works with the faculty to assign TA and LA to assist faculty and students.