Dear Prospective Students,

Welcome to Sanbaltar International University. As a community of educationists and scholars, we enthusiastically embrace to effectively plan for your future. With the advent of globalization we want to expand the boundaries of current knowledge while exploring the practical applications of that knowledge; and to promote the progress of the region through excellence in service outreach, all while respecting the diverse abilities, backgrounds, and contributions of the university community. Our efforts are targeted to prepare Sanbaltar students at associate, undergraduate, graduate and Certificate levels to meet global opportunities and challenges through a learning-centered classroom environment and on-line course work.

Successful studying requires responsibility, self-initiative, planning skills and efficiency. Our teaching and other staff will assist you to the best of their ability to achieve your goals of receiving a high-quality education.

Despite a fast study pace – or perhaps because of it – it is worthwhile to remember that there is more to life than hard work. Your years of studying should not only be filled with toiling at studies but also with hobbies and recreation.

We wish you success in your studies and hope you have an open mind for acquiring new knowledge.


Srikanth Vejendla