Payment Terms


Before the matriculation, all the regular student costs and fees are expected to be paid in full. Arrangements must be made with the administration if that is not possible. Before matriculation can be completed, if a payment plan is devised, a payment plan fee will be charged. The payments must be paid on time. The student will not be able to receive term grade transcripts or receive his/her diploma until all obligations are met.

For any student who does not fulfill his/her financial obligation to the school on time, a penalty of $20/month will be debited to the students’ financial account until his/her obligation is fulfilled. In addition, late fee and automatic withdrawal rule will also apply.


The student is only obligated for the portion of the program cost applicable to each semester in which student is enrolled in the school. The student must pay the school the applicable cost (i.e., semester tuition, other required fees) at the time of registration, unless the student and school agree in writing to a tuition payment plan.

Students whose accounts are more than seven days past due are suspended from class attendance until satisfactory arrangements are made to bring their account to current status. Students who fail to fulfill the financial arrangements agreed upon are suspended from school and may reenter only upon full payment of the delinquent portion of their account unless the school has agreed in writing to a different payment arrangement.


Register’s office could initiate withdrawal from individual courses or a complete withdrawal from the University at the behest of student. Student fees are not refunded but the tuition will be fully refunded if the withdrawal is initiated and approved before classes begin. Application for these refunds must be made by the student in writing on the prescribed form at the time of withdrawal. The Registrar must approve all refund applications. Refunds for course withdrawals are based on the date the withdrawal forms are filed with the Registrar.

Following procedures will be followed upon commencement of the term:

For regular terms, approved cash refunds shall be made on the following basis:

First Full Week or Less 50%
Second Full Week or Less 25%
Three Weeks or More No Refund


Students who withdraw from a course or courses and add a different course or courses shall have the full amount of their tuition refund applied to the classes added. Any excess refund will be given according to the basic University refund policy. If the faculty or administration changes course offerings, a full refund will be given to the student for those course offerings. Registration fee and Student Association fee are non-refundable. An additional 2% deduction will be applied to refunds for tuition/fees paid by credit cards.

Students on scholarship must pay for any classes they fail to pass. Veterans receive refunds on a pro rata basis as required by VA.